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Maria Noe

Somatic Experiencing (SE™)

SE integrates the body, nervous system, mind, and emotions through a process including talk therapy, sensory tracking, and imagination. Somatic Experiencing is a mind-body modality that works directly with the nervous system to relieve and resolve symptoms of trauma. It was developed by Peter A. Levine, PhD to address the effects of trauma. 

Levine developed this approach after observing that prey animals, whose lives are routinely threatened in the wild, are able to recover readily by physically releasing the energy they accumulate during stressful events. Humans, on the other hand, often override these natural ways of regulating the nervous system with feelings of shame and pervasive thoughts, judgments, and fears. Somatic Experiencing aims to help people move past the place where they might be “stuck” in processing a traumatic event.

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Embodied healing practices

Meditation & Yoga

Yoga as practice, works to bring into balance our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels of being. The word yoga means "to yoke" or "to bring into union." Yoga can allow us to bring the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our being into balance. It can also help balance our nervous system which can become disregulated by trauma.

There are several ways that a yoga session can be trauma-informed. In cases of traumatic events, there is typically a lack of choice — or choice has been taken away from you. That’s why in TI yoga classes, the instruction is always a suggestion and given in a way that maintains safety while always offering choice to the student. 

Yoga enables us reconnect with our bodies by incorporating mindful movement, meditation, challenging postures, breathing exercises, contemplation, self-study and more. 

High-Vibe Integrative Nutrition

When we take care of ourselves, we're able to show up fully in our work, family, relationships, and community. All of these pieces make up our day-to-day lives, and influence our wellness. Trying to balance a healthy lifestyle, while also tending to a trauma or stressful life event can be daunting - but you really don't have to go it alone. 

By incorporating positive lifestyle changes such as healthier eating habits, productive routines, self-care, and self-reflection (to name a few), you'll be on your way to reclaiming your whole-person holistic health and healing.



“Having a coach was a complete game changer this year! In a world that is already so fast paced, having someone remind you of your accomplishments, goals, and struggles is so incredibly helpful. Through our sessions, I was encouraged to continue working strategies showing positive results, while also given advice to improve parts of my life that still needed some attention.”  - Kristen B

"Complete Game-Changer"

"Maria gave me great tools to help me on my way back to health and was always excited when I gave her my positive updates. Her personal experience and her desire to help everyone find wellness according to what is best for them is what will keep me coming back to Maria for help any time I find myself off track." - Nikki D

"Keep Coming Back"

You will love working with Maria! She is such a sweet soul and is so understanding and loving. She cultivates a space of safety and warmth. You will carry what you learn in this program after the 6 weeks and you will see the transformation - I promise! - Jessica E

Safety & Warmth