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Somatic Healing Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, Former Pro-Vocalist, & Dog-Mom to rescue pup, Indi.

Hi love, I'm Maria

Hi, I’m Maria and I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, CA. I currently have a virtual private practice of somatic experiencing, host moon council circles, teach yoga, and coordinate well-being programs at Snapchat HQ. (snap me at: worldtravelwell)

I'm recently engaged to my partner Joe of 5 years (USMC veteran) and attempted to plan a wedding during a pandemic (assuming it's safe by then). I'm a proud dog-mom to our rescue Indi (who we found in the streets while backpacking in India) and he often likes to say hi during our calls. :) I'm also a former professional singer-dancer, I play ukulele, guitar, and harmonium, and hope to begin incorporating sound healing into my practice very soon. 

My journey probably looked pretty similar to yours

my story

How I got here

A little more about me? In no particular order: I'm a survivor of sexual assault, a daughter of divorced parents, had a step-father in prison for 15 years (non-violent offense), have experienced miscarriages, been cheated on and stayed in broken relationships for too long, struggled with alcohol, and well.. currently living through this pandemic we're all in. Suffice to say - I know trauma, loss, grief, heartache, and anxiety all too well. 

I followed my intuition home to my own body - where much healing has been (and continues to be) done. But what I know for sure is this -- while our body carries our stories, for better or for worse - it is possible to release heartache, breathe that deep sigh of relief, trust our body again, and even open our hearts to new relationships. I know it probably hasn't been an easy walk - but and I are resilient AF.  I'd be so honored to accompany you. 

science +. spirit

My own personal healing journey fuels my passion for helping womxn recover from trauma, heartache, and anxiety. Our work together is sacred, personal, and powerful - yet no two experiences are alike. 

how i work

My Toolkit

Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing is a mind-body modality that works directly with the nervous system to relieve and resolve symptoms of trauma. It was developed by Peter A. Levine, PhD to address the effects of trauma. 

Levine developed this approach after observing that prey animals, whose lives are routinely threatened in the wild, are able to recover readily by physically releasing the energy they accumulate during stressful events. Humans, on the other hand, often override these natural ways of regulating the nervous system with feelings of shame and pervasive thoughts, judgments, and fears. Somatic Experiencing aims to help people move past the place where they might be “stuck” in processing a traumatic event.

The SE trauma resolution method does not require the traumatized person to re-tell or re-live the traumatic event. Instead, it offers the opportunity to engage, complete, and resolve—in a slow and supported way—the body’s instinctual fight, flight and freeze responses. This resets the nervous system, restores inner balance, enhances resilience to stress, and increases people’s vitality, equanimity, and capacity to actively engage in life. 

SE integrates the body, nervous system, mind, and emotions through a process including talk therapy, sensory tracking, and imagination.


Meditation & Yoga


The word yoga means "to yoke" or "to bring into union." Another way of understanding it is, as a means to bring into balance the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our being. 

Yoga as practice, works to bring into balance our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels of being. Here a just a few of the many proven benefits you may experience with a regular yoga practice:

There are several ways that a yoga session can be trauma-informed. In cases of traumatic events, there is typically a lack of choice — or choice has been taken away from you. That’s why in TI yoga classes, the instruction is always a suggestion and given in a way that maintains safety while always offering choice to the student. 

Yoga enables us reconnect with our bodies by incorporating mindful movement, meditation, challenging postures, breathing exercises, contemplation, self-study and more. 

“Yoga attends to the body, and the breath attends to stillness. It allows you to feel everything you feel, to tolerate every sensation, and to live and move with it.”
— Bessel A. van der Kolk, MD


Integrative Nutrition

When we take care of ourselves, we're able to show up fully in our work, family, relationships, and community. All of these pieces make up our day-to-day lives, and influence our wellness. Trying to balance a healthy lifestyle, while also tending to a trauma or stressful life event can be daunting - but you really don't have to go it alone. 

Whether you have time to cook, or need curated Postmates go-to healthy options, we've got you covered. On-demand ways to move your body, strategies for communicating your needs and boundaries to loved ones, and actually carving out time for self-care with a work-life balance that actually works for you - are all key to your overall success and healing.

By incorporating positive lifestyle changes such as healthier eating habits, productive routines, self-care, and self-reflection (to name a few), you'll be on your way to reclaiming your whole-person holistic health and healing.

Reconnect with your body, find your rhythm, your breath, your voice, your path... and anything else that you're seeking. 


Explore more information on the modalities that I use to help you heal your body, mind, and spirit using science, spirit, and food.


My signature process uses a blend of modern somatic experiencing techniques and ancient yogic philosophy to tap directly into your nervous system and align you with your innate power to heal.

Together we’ll work with the body, breath, and nervous system following felt sensations, old triggers, comforting resources, and more to facilitate transformative healing after trauma. 

My clients often say it’s one of the most profound healing experiences and that they feel physically, emotionally, and spiritually rejuvenated.

From Recovery to Resiliency

What's it like to work with me?

We go within to explore sensation in our body. Awareness calls for a  quiet witness to what is. It's our intuition - our spirit, lovingly observing in the background as we journey through life. We are mindful of the impact of our thoughts, words, and actions.






We are feminist, multicultural, anti-racist, and pro-choice. We strive to amplify marginalized voices as a call for restorative justice. We volunteer our time to give back to our community.




Healing happens in relationship with others as much as with yourself. We believe that no one should have to walk their healing journey alone. We host women's circles to cultivate togetherness and community.






Empathy is a felt sense of anothers suffering as similar to our own experience. When we connect deeply, we experience synchronicities that allow us to heal from a place of love and understanding.





We move our energetic body as much as we move our physical body. We stretch, reach, and pendulate. We breathe through the yin and yan. Expansion and contraction. We are constantly evolving and our stories are unfolding moment by moment.



Our beliefs are aligned with feminism, anti-racism, science & spirituality. We believe love is love, black lives matter, and equal rights are human rights.

our values

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