It's time to heal
from within &
Move into your HARMONIOUS LIFE.

I believe that our bodies have a deep-rooted wisdom and capacity to heal when provided with a safe, empathetic environment.


If you’ve been searching for a safe space to get in tune with your body, release your story, and heal from within - you’re in the right place. 

Hello, welcome

maria noe

Your Somatic Healer, Holistic Health Coach and Yoga Teacher.

I'm maria noe

I help creative women get unstuck in their health by providing the practices and resources to tune in to their bodies, connect with their intuition and heal from within.

Hi, I’m Maria and I'm the founder and developer of ResilientShe Somatic Coaching. I help creative women tune into their body to release accumulated stress and trauma. This allows them to create inner ease and flow so they can express themselves confidently and fully understand their body which means they can connect deeply in their relationships, focus on a career that thrills them, and make a

profound impact in their community. My experience as a yoga instructor and coach – in addition to my own personal journey of recovery – enables me to provide a safe space with authentic understanding that allows for true healing to take form. My work with women is sacred and I strive to help my clients find peace, through a mindful approach–rooted in empathy, awareness and connection.  



We go within to explore sensation in our body. Awareness calls for a  quiet witness to what is. It's our intuition - our spirit, lovingly observing in the background as we journey through life. We are mindful of the impact of our thoughts, words, and actions.



We are feminist, multicultural, anti-racist, and pro-choice. We strive to amplify marginalized voices as a call for restorative justice. We volunteer our time to give back to our community.



Healing happens in relationship with others as much as with yourself. We believe that no one should have to walk their healing journey alone. We host women's circles to cultivate togetherness and community.



Empathy is a felt sense of anothers suffering as similar to our own experience. When we connect deeply, we experience synchronicities that allow us to heal from a place of love and understanding.



We move our energetic body as much as we move our physical body. We stretch, reach, and pendulate. We breathe through the yin and yan. Expansion and contraction. We are constantly evolving and our stories are unfolding moment by moment.


My work with women is sacred and based on a deep-rooted desire to heal our community by joining hands and raising our collective voice.

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Client praise

“Having a coach was a complete game changer this year! In a world that is already so fast paced, having someone remind you of your accomplishments, goals, and struggles is so incredibly helpful. Through our sessions, I was encouraged to continue working strategies showing positive results, while also given advice to improve parts of my life that still needed some attention.” 

Kristen B.

"Maria gave me great tools to help me on my way back to health and was always excited when I gave her my positive updates. Her personal experience and her desire to help everyone find wellness according to what is best for them is what will keep me coming back to Maria for help any time I find myself off track." 

Nikki P.

"Maria's beautiful spirit fills everything she does, and reaches out to lighten those around her. She has been such a gift to both my yoga, and health journeys… She has a keen talent for helping others find the balance that works for them. I can’t recommend her enough!”

Lauren C.

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That's why 10% of all proceeds will be donated to Peace Over Violence.

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My work extends farther than just those that I can personally reach. Peace Over Violence is a feminist, multicultural, community based and volunteer centered organization dedicated to building healthy relationships, families and communities free from sexual, domestic and interpersonal violence. Peace Over Violence is fully operational, 24/7: for support, case management, safety planning, legal advocacy, and counseling services.

Movements like #metoo have challenged society to collectively reflect on past behavior and strive to reject toxic ideals surrounding the treatment of women. This can be a conflicting time for women, as we triumph in the progress made but also find ourselves uncomfortably triggered by the media. If you’re struggling with an old wound – you’re not alone.