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maria noe

Your Somatic Healing Coach & Yoga Teacher

I'm maria noe

I help creative women get unstuck in their health by providing the practices and resources to tune in to their bodies, connect with their intuition and heal from within.

Hi, I’m Maria and I'm a Somatic Healing Coach. I help creative womxn pause - and tune into their body to release shame, overwhelm, and trauma. Our body has an innate, divine ability to heal itself but we need to be met with a sense of safety and real support. Seeking somatic healing and turning to our body allows us to explore a new opportunity for healing trauma and releasing stress. 

In doing so, we begin to cultivate our personal awareness of how we habitually respond to stress and instead observe our reactions with a compassionate curiosity. As I continue on my own personal trauma healing journey, it has been my true dharma to accompany womxn along this path as well. We all heal in unique ways, and my integrative approach can guide you safely with the support your system needs to thrive.

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I've been there - trying to decide who to work with, what modality to try, which path will work for you - it can become overwhelming even before you begin. I promise to support you in finding a path forward that is empowered, clear, and with flexible options that work for you.

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“Having a coach was a complete game changer this year! In a world that is already so fast paced, having someone remind you of your accomplishments, goals, and struggles is so incredibly helpful. Through our sessions, I was encouraged to continue working strategies showing positive results, while also given advice to improve parts of my life that still needed some attention.”
- Kristen B

"Complete Game-Changer"

"Maria gave me great tools to help me on my way back to health and was always excited when I gave her my positive updates. Her personal experience and her desire to help everyone find wellness according to what is best for them is what will keep me coming back to Maria for help any time I find myself off track." - Nikki D

"Keep Coming Back"

You will love working with Maria! She is such a sweet soul and is so understanding and loving. You will NOT feel pressured at all with her. She cultivates a space of safety and warmth. You will carry what you learn in this program after the 6 weeks and you will see the transformation - I promise! - Jessica E

Safety & Warmth