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Welcome to a journey where your body leads the way to healing and transformation. I'm here to guide you along a path where we embrace the creativity to design our lives, and the wisdom of our bodies to lead us to wholeness.


I intertwine the science of somatic therapy, the spirit of yogic traditions, and the strategy of life design and personal development, to provide women a path to courageously heal and craft a life they love.

Hi, I'm Maria

maria rose

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, & Coach


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A holistic approach to trauma defines trauma not as an event, but rather as a disruption and overwhelm to our body-mind’s capacity to adapt, thrive, and flourish. 
Trauma can occur when:
* There is too much too soon
* There is too much for too long
* There is not enough for too long
* Power and agency have been taken away from the person or collective
* The stressors outweigh the resources available to navigate them
* When our primal protective instincts, intuitions, and responses are thwarted
* There is not enough time, space, or permission to heal 

What is trauma?

Why are we talking about the body?

'Soma,' meaning 'the living body known from within,' underscores our approach, focusing on experiencing wholeness through mind-body integration. Trauma can create a disconnect, leaving us feeling alienated from our own bodies. Somatic work acts as a powerful path to healing, leveraging the deep connection between body and mind.

Through somatic techniques, you'll learn to sense and regulate your physiology, cultivating internal resources and compassionate self-awareness. This journey invites you into a deeper relationship with your body, offering time and space to unwind trauma and restore well-being, guiding you from disconnection to a state of integrated healing.

maria rose

Your Somatic Guide & Yoga Teacher

Hi, I'm Maria

My personal healing journey informs my passion for helping other creative women recover from burnout, anxiety, and trauma.

Hi, I’m Maria and I’m a multi-passionate creative and healing artist based in Los Angeles, CA.  I help creative women connect deeply with their body to establish healthy boundaries, heal trauma, and chart a life full of sustainable wellbeing. I believe that our body has an innate, divine ability to heal itself, if we take time to listen. I also understand that when we find ourselves in states of constant stress or anxiety, that survival energy can get bound in our body, lessening our ability to thrive.

I share this because I've experienced it myself. After a traumatic incident that sent me reeling, I found myself questioning who I was, how I treat myself, and how I wanted to live my life. It was then that discovered the power of these therapeutic embodiment practices, and healing that I didn't know was possible. This profound shift in my life is what inspires my work now in the healing arts. As I continue on my own journey of embodied life design, I see it now as my dharma to pay it forward.

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“Having a coach was a complete game changer this year! In a world that is already so fast paced, having someone remind you of your accomplishments, goals, and struggles is so incredibly helpful. Through our sessions, I was encouraged to continue working strategies showing positive results, while also given advice to improve parts of my life that still needed some attention.” 

"Complete Game-Changer"

"Maria gave me great tools to help me on my way back to health and was always excited when I gave her my positive updates. Her personal experience and her desire to help everyone find wellness according to what is best for them is what will keep me coming back to Maria for help any time I find myself off track."

"Keep Coming Back"

You will love working with Maria! She is such a sweet soul and is so understanding and loving. She cultivates a space of safety and warmth. You will carry what you learn in this program after the 6 weeks and you will see the transformation - I promise!

Safety & Warmth